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Anita Vaccaro, M.A.

Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Behavioral Sciences, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.   Her work in the human sciences field has spanned over twenty five years.  She has worked with individuals, marriages, families, children & teens, and has facilitated specialty groups. She has been consultant to businesses, top tier executives, television personalities, professional athletes, and has spoken in church communities. Her insights and approach have been featured on radio, podcasts, television, as well as, within the psychology & spiritual communities.  She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network, The Doctors show, and has also appeared on several news casts.  Her methodology includes neuroscience based techniques drawing from the most up to date research on the role of the brain to instigate and sustain lasting change.  Anita also holds a teacher certification in mindfulness and meditation practices. 


Meet Anita Vaccaro

Anita Vaccaro is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Life & Relationship Coach, Group Facilitator, and a Business & Executive Coach.  She assists clients in  maximizing their potential by helping them understand and eliminate repetitive negative behaviors, patterns, and outcomes.  Anita is New York born and is currently practicing via telemental health platforms servicing clientele in Las Vegas, California, as well as, in Delray Beach, Florida.  She also conducts in person sessions.  Anita holds a mental health license in both California and Florida, and provides coaching sessions for various other locations/states.  Her work reflects her passion for understanding the dynamics of how we exist in the world and what causes or hinders our ability to flourish.  She had become eager to find out exactly what forces drive us on both a conscious and an unconscious level.  Her research of human behavior was born from her desire to create true and lasting change and her expertise draws from years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, utilizing out of the box, innovative science based techniques.  In her private practice, Anita helps individuals and families realize their true potential and eliminate barriers to a fulfilling life both personally and professionally, and coaches top tier executives in breaking performance barriers which can improve confidence, productivity, and profitability.  One of  her major passions is to target why most therapeutic assistance only helps in the short term leaving a person feeling hopeless and defeated, which subsequently lead to the development of her program for lasting and sustained change.  


Jerry Schwartz, MD

“I have known Anita for more than 10 years as a colleague and primary care physician. She has seen multiple patients from my office. She is able to treat the gambit of psychological issues with extreme professionalism, accuracy, and precision and has helped many of my patients in their time of need. There is no one more in tune and receptive to taking care of immediate issues than Anita. I highly recommend her for therapy and counseling for an array of psychological issues that we as primary care specialists see on a daily basis.”


“After suffering from a period of traumas, chaos, and loss, I found myself in Anita’s office. Anita not only used her years of professional experience to help me see and change the self-destructive patterns in my life, she also drew upon her own life experience to give a personal and relatable approach to help me through my healing process. Her psychotherapeutic techniques have helped me navigate my feelings and have taught me constructive ways to deal with my issues. I can now say that Anita has forever changed my life.”


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