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ADD Organizing

Add Organizing: Organizational skills for ADHD & everyone

Welcome to my Add Organizing Course! For years I was called ADD. What I've come to recognize is that with a little guidance, I can be just as much organized as the next person. That's why I developed this course. It is simple, easily implementable, yields quick rewards, and most importantly, addresses issues that help all learning styles. With this program, in the first session we address the pitfalls and roadblocks to your reaching your goals. In Session 2 you will receive tools to implement and you will learn the most effective ways to use them. The third session will be devoted to putting those tools into practice in real time with myself and the community, as well as. time left over to discuss anything that happens to come up for you during the trial practice. The last session will be a fun session of organizing together and discussing what has worked, what may still need to be addressed, and any questions you may have. This will be a highly interactive course that I think you will thoroughly enjoy. Come join us! 


Boundaries:  Where love meets justice - Wait list available

Welcome to the boundaries course!  In this course you gain a comprehensive  understanding of what boundaries really are.  You will learn how, when, where, and if to draw them, what makes them so difficult, and what to do when they don't work.  This course will also include citations from leading experts in the neuroscience field and supporting research.  I'm looking very much forward to helping you on your journey toward healthy boundaries and satisfying relationships! Space limited to a 20 person maximum and a 10 per minimum and will 


Success in communication​​Wait list available

Welcome to my Success in Communication Course!  Therapists have a knack for giving lists that you are to go home and practice with your mate.  Letter writing, I statements, etc. color the process of therapy.  The only problem is that when you are in distress, you are not talking to another person, all you see is someone who seems to be pushing you off a cliff.  In this course you will learn what to do BEFORE you even need to use these tools and skills to give them a better shot at being effective.  Join me for an innovative way of looking at and using communication to navigate and improve any relationship.  

Trauma Course

Healing Generational Trauma - Growing a better future - Wait list available

So you walk into therapy with communication issues.  The therapist hands you a list of healthy communication tools and skills.  You feel inspired!  She/he also empowers you that you have a valid point and you go home, work, "your place here" and you try it out. It crashes and burns. What? Noone ever teaches you what to do when it doesn't work!  Much less describe why!  When you're dealing with a real human, there can be many reasons it doesn't work but the good news is that you don't have to know them all.  With a few tips and techniques your communication can become exponentially better no matter what venue you try them in.  Looking forward to mentoring you to improve your life!

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